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Our certified installers applied  Smart Film that offered a minimalist and modern design.

Modern homes are distinguished by clean lines, geometric shapes, wide-open floor plans, and thoughtful, intentional décor that was only improved by our technology that also offered freedom from interference on demand.

The installation of Smart Film succeeded three days and our technicians worked along with a team of glaziers to remove frames for a better finish look and to ensure all safety precautions for a notable result.

When it comes to purchasing a house, privacy has always been a significant challenge. As compared to older properties, new build homes offer a fraction of the space, so homeowners are searching for new ways to keep their space private. Traditionally, privacy has been accomplished by the use of blinds and curtains, but with smart homes becoming increasingly popular in interiors around the world, new options are emerging.

Smart Film or electronic PDLC Film works on a basic but fascinating concept.

When an electrochromic glass film is turned off, liquid crystal molecules float in a random orientation, reflecting incidental light and making the glass panel opalescent.

As an electric current is applied, the liquid crystal, on the other side, moltens.



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