• Increasing Patient Privacy: Switchable electric glass offers the advantage of improved patient privacy in medical facilities. The switchable smart glass panels can easily be changed from clear to opaque, ensuring an increased level of patient privacy in examination rooms, patient rooms, and operating theatres.
  • Observation Without Contamination: Cross-contamination from highly contagious pathogens such as MRSA is a growing problem in hospitals. A key benefit of switchable privacy glass is that hospital staff can easily observe a patient by flicking a switch, without risking cross-contamination of infectious diseases.
  • A Hygienic Alternative to Curtains: Switchable glass is simple to clean and maintain, making it a hygienic alternative to traditional hospital curtains and blinds. Harmful germs can easily gather on the surface of curtains and they are difficult to sterilize. The antibacterial features of Smart Glass provide a hygienic and cost-effective alternative to not only traditional hospital curtains but also curtains in homes and offices without endangering people’s lives.
  • Reduced Noise: Research has shown that noise plays a negative role in healing. Decreasing noise in patient care areas aids in healing processes and helps facilitate speedier recoveries. Noise creates stress (as exhibited by elevated blood pressure) and makes it harder to sleep, which are both detrimental to a speedy recovery. Laminated smart glass installed into an acoustic partition significantly decreases noise, making for a quieter healing space.
  • Custom and proprietary wiring systems available for each project;
  • At Smart Glass Technologies, we have versatile and experience, fitting, and wiring solutions that can be used to customize any health care office into a Switchable Privacy office, with all electronic components concealed.



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