smart glass is the best choice for the modern desingers

Typical efforts to get customers to spend a little more tend to revolve around offering drink promotions, showing sports games, hosting live music or offering varied food menus, all of which can achieve varying degrees of success. However, it’s ultimately how comfortable a customer feels in a bar that will influence how long they will stick around.


The smart glass effect

When it comes to establishing the ideal environment for your venue – light, air quality, temperature and sound are the elements which really matter. Clever bar and venue owners are addressing these comfort elements through the use of switchable smart glass.

The innovative, sleek aesthetic of smart glass not only complements both modern and classic bar design, but directly enhances customer experience by offering the following benefits:

1. Controls heat and glare

If you thought allowing the direct heat and glare of the sun to beam in on your patrons will enhance their thirst and encourage them to stay around a little longer, unfortunately you’d be wrong. A test last year in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport proved that a cooler bar increases customer “dwell time”. If they feel cool and comfortable, they will stay put much longer.

Smart glass windows and doors enable bar and venue owners to precisely control the level of heat and light passing through so their customers don’t have to suffer the deep glare and discomfort from the searing heat that passes through traditional glass windows and doors. Customers that feel too hot simply won’t stick around. They’ve likely come inside to escape the sun after all!

2. Applies an ambient mood

Big lights and bright spaces isn’t what most customers are looking for. Time and time again, it has been proven that darker bars and entertainment venues create more relaxing environments for customers. Enjoying a drink with friends, colleagues, family or loved ones is your customer’s time to kick back and wind down. A big, bright, well-lit space isn’t the best enabler for that kind of relaxation.

Bar and venue owners can use switchable smart glass to set the ideal scene for their customers by controlling how much light passes through the glass with just the flick of a switch. During the day, you can afford to allow a greater flow of light but as the day goes on and customers flock for evening drinks, it’s time to darken things down.


3. Impress your customers

Want to demonstrate to customers that your bar or venue is “the” place to be? Weave switchable smart glass into various aspects of the structural design to truly wow your customers. Use smart glass partitions to discreetly cordon off areas and create a greater level of intimacy.

Double up your smart glass windows as projection screens. Set your bathroom cubicle door glass panels to switch from transparent to opaque when locked to ensure full privacy. Emblazon roof smart glass panels into a vision of the night sky.

The possibilities are endless with smart glass. Embracing this innovative technology into the design of your venue can leave your customers wanting more and wanting to explore

Smart glass  were approached by the building contractors for this exclusive venue to create a modern yet conservative entrance which complimented the striking aesthetic of the building, could allow control of the flow of natural light and facilitate privacy at the flick of a switch.

smart glass light control

Revolving and double doors were fitted with switchable smart glass panels, each of which can be individually controlled. Now, as patrons enter the venue, they are met by a total of 22 LC SmartGlass panels, 6 of which are curved panels in the three revolving doorways at the centre of the entrance.

When switched to the opaque state (the “off” state), these smart glass panels also serve as a rear projection screen, allowing event organisers and planners hiring the venue to customise the space to their needs.



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