How much does smart glass sell?

  The happiness of our customers is how we evaluate our performance , We enjoy hearing about how we’ve aided them in realizing their dreams for their homes and how our high-quality products have improved their lives.

Here is one of our recent project that made one of our clients pleased by offering a safe and comfortable makeover of his Front Door.

Particularly in a safe area, privacy is a challenge, especially with the large number of people on the streets every day. It can be thrilling to provide a bustling view, but often peace and silence are needed, and there appears to be no better alternative than incorporating our smart film into your sleek design to provide both of these opportunities.

Switchable Smart Doors are a low-maintenance, cost-effective, and visually appealing solution for immediate protection. smart film helps to turn previously dim corridors into spaces that feel accessible and vibrant while maintaining a vital sense of privacy to make you feel at ease in your own home.

Here are some reasons why you should choose smart film:
  1. Privacy Protection – A barrier to preventing tracking, intelligent monitoring, and more convenient privacy security.
  2. Solar Insulation – smart film also provides thermal and solar insulation benefits, helping to keep rooms cool, comfortable, and quiet.
  3. Safe protection – Against impact, it can effectively prevent glass fragments to splash even if fragmentation.
  4. Sound insulation – Not only effectively block 99% UV, But also can stop the noise pollution to create a quiet world.

Smart film can be applied to any existing glass walls or other translucent surfaces to provide instant switchable privacy and protection.

Our Smart film has a self-adhesive static cling coating that is ready to be applied on any Door (a clean and carefully prepared one).

A basic electrical switch controls the opacity of smart film, allowing it to transition from transparent to translucent. It can also be quickly implemented into home automation systems, allowing you to have much more control.

The switchable film can also be used as a high-quality projection screen when it is opaque (in its unpowered, frosted state). The best image clarity comes from rear-projection, but front projection results can be improved with a reflective coating.



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